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Episode 132

Published on:

5th Jan, 2022

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About the Podcast

Helping Entrepreneurs with a Big Vision and a Big Message make a Big Impact with Podcasting
Amplifyou is a Podcast for helping Entrepreneurs with a Big Vision and a Big Message make a Big Impact with Podcasting. Host of Amplifyou, Michelle Abraham is an international speaker, Podcast Producer and was just voted #14 of the top 50 Moms in Podcasting by Podcast Magazine. Michelle is the Founder of Amplifyou. Kevin Harrington, the original shark on the hit Tv Show Shark tank says Amplifyou is North Americas top Podcast Management Company. Michelle and her team have launched well over 100 podcasts in the last 12 months including the Canadian Podcast Network and Something unique about Michelle is that she doesn’t just speak about a freedom lifestyle she lives off the grid on the boat access side of a lake and drives her kids to the school bus by boat while running a 100% online business!

About your host

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Michelle Elise Abraham

International speaker, podcast producer and host Michelle Abraham is the author of the upcoming book, The Profitable Podcast. Voted #16 the last two years on Podcast Magazine’s list of the top 50 Moms in Podcasting, she was also awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and nominated for People’s Choice Award by Business from the Heart. Michelle is the founder of Amplifyou, described by Shark Tank alumni Kevin Harrington as North America’s top podcast management company.

Amplifyou specializes in done-for-you services, helping visionary entrepreneurs with a powerful message to market and monetize their podcasts while making a lasting impact. Michelle and her team have launched more than 200 podcasts in the last three years and manage over 65 shows weekly. Michelle has been sharing her passion, mentoring podcasters since 2012! An advocate for the freedom lifestyle, she walks her talk, living off the grid on a lake and “boating” her kids to the school, all while running her successful all-online business.